Empowering Women. Period.

Empowering Women. Period.

All girls deserve the right to an informed and shameless maturity into womenhood




Every woman in the world knows what a struggle it can be to deal with menstrual hygiene. Especially when you’re out of the house – it can be a real drag to deal with in public. But imagine a world where you were unable to go about your daily life just because of your period? Imagine not having access to all of the feminine products you needed to be able to leave your house to go to work or school or even just to the grocery store.

Unfortunately, this is the reality that many girls and women face around the world. In many places, feminine products are either inaccessible or too expensive for those that need them. Many girls are kept out of school for nearly a full week every month. This hinders them in their education and ability to keep up with their classmates and their learning. Women are confined to their homes, unable to go to work and make a living because they don’t have access to the proper feminine products.

That’s where these companies come in. Days for Girls and Femme International are two companies that are striving to make a difference. These companies are donating reusable feminine products, such as washable pads and menstrual cups to girls and women in need. The handmade pads are washable and reusable for up to the three years while the menstrual cups are reusable for up to ten years! Not only are these companies providing feminine products, but they are also providing vital woman’s health education. Imagine what a difference something that seems so easy for us can make to someone in need. A little girl can confidently go to school every day now without worrying about her period. A mother can go to work to provide for her family. Think of the difference such a small gesture can make in someone’s life.

| Written by Rachel Pitre Ray @rachel_alaine

Check out the non-profits below to get involved!


PERIOD is leading the menstrual movement. We celebrate periods and provide products to those in need.


Providing tampons, pads and underwear to women and girls in need.


For The Love of Women (FLOW) is a non-profit organization providing feminine care products to females in need.


Days for Girls is changing the status quo, through quality menstrual care solutions, and health education.