Solution Based Journalism

The Importance of Independent Journalist Storytellers to publish stories that present a problem and offer solutions.

by Eddie Law

Social media has changed how we consume the news. Networks such as Facebook and Twitter place enormous amounts of information in the hands of journalists and consumers alike. These online platforms and the proliferation of smartphones let anyone break news stories, complete with text, pictures, and videos, regardless of their ideologies of professional background. There is so much media that storytellers can cover any global event from afar.

Arirang Mass Games in North Korea by Brendyn Zachary

In this new world, journalists take on the role of a content curator. It is their responsibility to go through the data available and present the best information based on quality and relevance. Providing links to their original sources while offering contest and analysis.

by Steve Helber

However, this “information overload” came with a cost. While journalist no longer need to leave the office to cover the news, they have also become lazier as content became more available. Mainstream media now exists solely to tell stories that get people to watch their advertisers. They are no longer concerned with helping people make a difference.

While it is important to inform people of what is happening in the world around them, the constant negativity can bring down people‚Äôs spirits making them depressed, powerless, and apathetic. Beyond the content of these stories, most mainstream journalists will not fact-check the content they use. These situations leave many new stories fake, misleading, and otherwise poorly presented. Fortunately, there is a better way by providing solutions to the problems of the world. Instead of showing the world’s problems, journalists can tell stories about people making a difference.

by Joseph Eid

The most informative and valuable stories do not need to come from a traditional journalist either. A blogger, photographer, or tweeter have easily filled that role. As more and more people start getting their news from independent journalist, these raw stories will make a difference in the world. They will help people find the information they need to know while showing how they can help improve the situation.

by Joseph Guyler Delva

Written posts, photos essays or video docs. These stories can be as simple as showing someone surviving a disaster. Pictures such as the following photo of a student still alive under a collapsed school after an earthquake in 2008 gave people hope. It is stories like these that make you feel that you could make a difference. You just have to go out and offer a helping hand.

by Q. Sakamaki

Positive news stories can be anything and not just natural disasters. All that is needed is a different perspective than the usual mainstream reporting, providing either a complementary view or an alternative in some cases. The following photo of a guy with a guy gold sign during a financial crisis shows us that we can still laugh when faced with crippling financial and personal problems.

Disasters strike the world daily. Bad things do happen to good people. However, reporting on these things do not need to bring us down. Stories and photos from independent journalists can offer new insights on how we as people can do something to improve the situation and make the world a better place.

| Written by Robert Stukowski

| Visuals by Eddie Law, Brendyn Zachary, Steve Helber, Joseph Guyler Delva, Q. Sakamaki,