LoudHuman Fund

The purpose of this fund is to give an alternative way to invest in the ideals we all believe in. Many global humanitarian projects and startup companies offer the promise for a better world and we choose to invest in their equity assets, tokens, derivatives, and contracts. New technologies have started an era of collaboration and the transparent collective reward in success using the Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contracts.

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Understanding the Technology

loudHUMAN Magazine Fund uses an open-source protocol allowing the creation of a blockchain-based vehicle which manages capital contributed by external investors. The loudHUMAN Fund Ethereum Smart Contract utilizes the blockchain to perform functions such as segregated asset custody, net asset value calculation, fee accounting, and management of investor in-flows and out-flows.

The goal of this fund is to invest in humanitarian projects, start-ups, and companies. Using blockchain technology allows us to eliminate the setup and operational costs imposed by middlemen in traditional funds while maximizing transparency and liquidity for investors. Check out the videos below to learn more!

What is the blockchain

Tokenization of Assets

Two options

If you are a long-term investor you may subscribe directing into the fund by seeking approval providing the fund manager the details needed for whitelisting your ETH account and meeting SEC guidelines. Exactly like a traditional hedge fund, you will own shares. This method is most transparent and immutable on the blockchain.

Or you may purchase tokens which represent a percentage of shares in the Fund. This token’s value is derived from the loudHUMAN fund balance and tradeable on any ERC20 token exchange. Token sales will be deposited into the loudHUMAN fund and accounts balanced.

Step-by-Step Token Process

  1. Ethereum cryptocurrency can be purchased using Coinbase or one of these others. Then install the Google Chrome browser wallet called MetaMask where you will be able to connect with Web 3.0 applications.
  2. You will have two wallets; a private coinbase wallet connected to your personal identity and a second wallet in MetaMask which will be public to approve your token purchase.
  3. The Smart Contract will receive the investors funds and forward them onto the loudHUMAN Fund and automatically send ‘minted’ tokens to the investors Ethereum account.
  4. The investor will then add the loudHUMAN’s custom token address to their MetaMask cryptowallet allowing them to traded on this list of exchanges or back to the loudHuman Fund where they will receive Ethereum cryptocurrency back.

Smart Contract Details

The entering and exiting of positions is solely for the fund managers discretion based on evaluations and market timing.

The loudHUMAN Fund collects 1% for an administrative fee, 1% for management fees, and 3% on performance gains.

Several measures are in place to ensure the protection of the investors’ interests. The open-source smart contract handles logic related to changes in invested balances, such as changes in approved allocations, subscriptions, share balances, redemptions, and withdrawals. All transactions will be seen on the public Ethereum blockchain.

The total value of the fund’s assets denominated in US Dollars, less all accrued fees and expenses, divided by the total number of shares issued by the fund will equal the value of each token. Autonomously.

Future Developments and Timeline

Launch of loudHUMAN Magazine Fund v2 – January, 2019
– A contribution goal of $250k within a year is achievable
– Accommodate evolving protocols and legal requirements allowing $3million+ balances using multiple smart contracts and additional asset classes. TBA

Launch of loudHUMAN Magazine ICO – April, 2019
– Alpha release – Establishment of SEC guidelines and goals
– Beta release – Early investor discounted ICO rate
– Public release – Heavily promoted time restricted phase – January, 2020

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