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Calling all visual artist and journalist to use digital media as a way to show how a small action can bring a large change, creating a life changing emotional connection to the people and world around us.

@_nic.mac_ Plastics Are Everywhere - A girl’s story about surfing in a Balinese paradise with 8,818,490 tons of plastic. Plastics are everywhere Surfing in a Balinese paradise with 8,818,490 tons of plastic. It was New Year’s Eve and I was leaving to surf on the secluded tropical beaches in Bali. This is exactly what I imagined when we left California. … Continue reading "Plastics Are Everywhere"
George Lucus Foundation Lucas - The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving back.
Corperate Giving Good Corporations - These few forward-thinking companies are at the forefront of a new wave of environmentally aware corporations and business management. They still have a long way to go, and we should encourage their greener future developments.
Photo by Bruce Gilden Cold Weather - Cold Weather Clean warm socks can mean live or death in the winter and humanitarian companies offer 1 for 1 purchase donating to those who are struggling. Temperatures are dropping this time of year in many parts of the world. As it gets colder and colder outside, one group in particular faces new and dangerous … Continue reading "Cold Weather"
Faces - Seeing the Face of Homelessness Why am I telling you his story? Well, because all too often, we judge by appearance and assume someone’s character. Animation by JannerBros is based on a real-life interview with a homeless man Brendan who was homeless for almost 2 years. We walk past homeless people every day of our … Continue reading "Faces"
Illustration by BillionBackRecords Purchasing Power - It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by looking at the deep struggles the world faces. Rather than giving in to despair or apathy, we can find ways to use something as commonplace as our shopping habits to invest in making a positive change. Together, we can change the world—one pint of ice cream at a time.
Banksy Art Reality of Homelessness - The Harsh Reality of Homelessness Worry became your new mindset. Sleeplessness becames normal. I had to protect and provide for 4 small children in a situation that soon becames a trap. The Harsh Reality of Homelessness Worry became my new mindset. Sleeplessness became normal. I had to protect and provide for 4 small children in … Continue reading "Reality of Homelessness"
illustration by alexp2013 Solutions - Solution Based Journalism The Importance of Independent Journalist Storytellers to publish stories that present a problem and offer solutions. Social media has changed how we deliver and consume the news. Networks such as Facebook and Twitter place enormous amounts of information in the hands of journalists and consumers alike. These sites and the proliferation of … Continue reading "Solutions"
Swell Investing logo Rise of Ethical Investing - Finance was once criticized as soulless. Ethical investing startups are changing that by prioritizing humanitarian companies and the democratizing of the markets. Investors are more conscience about the issues affecting humanity. Picking companies and funds which take into account environmental and social responsibilities, and hundreds of other human factors are what the people want.
Illustration by rsvn Back to Nature - Back to Nature Written by Butterfli O’Shea My childhood home was one mile from the nearest beach and I had a grassy backyard. My elementary school was a short walk from home, and behind the school was a chaparral ecosystem. The children in the neighborhood referred to it as a little forest, that included eucalyptus … Continue reading "Back to Nature"
RubyCup Empowering Women. Period. - Empowering Women. Period. All girls deserve the right to an informed and shameless maturity into womenhood Imagine a world where you were unable to go about your daily life just because of your period? Imagine not having access to the feminine products you need to leave your house and go to work or school. Unfortunately, … Continue reading "Empowering Women. Period."
Fella’s Prison Penitent - Prison reform has become an issue that no one seems to know exactly how to address. Even I, considering myself as a sensible offender, am not sure how we can solve the issues. Having first-hand experience with the criminal justice and mass incarceration system, I must say, Houston we have a problem